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5357, boulevard Chauveau Ouest, Québec, QC, G2E 1A1 - 581-981-4699 - To Visit Our website   >>>   Please Click Here ...

Orange Maconnerie, Inc. - work and residential masonry brickwork, Québec QC and surrounding areas.

Orange Maconnerie, Inc. : Reference maconnerie Quebec

For installations of bricks made with taste

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We are a family business operating in the field of masonry and will travel across
Quebec to make your new institutional buildings, residential and commercial.

                                                                     Reap the fruits of our labor

Click Here or Call us now! 581-981-4699

Year after year, we have deepened our technical restoration and renovation of the building, chimney repair and installation of decorative bricks and stones. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to ensure at all times of the projects according to your highest standards.

For results that meet your expectations, and at competitive prices, make an appointment with Orange Maconnerie now.

Call us now! 581-981-4699

Please contact us for more details.

Readily available, we are located near Highway Henri IV.

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Service Area : Across Quebec

Promotions and special offers: We offer discounts for work on new homes.

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Member of the
Construction Association of Quebec (ACQ)

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      Chimney Builders & Repairers
      Chimney Builders & Repairers in QC
      Chimney Builders & Repairers in Québec
      Masonry & Bricklaying Contractors
      Masonry & Bricklaying Contractors in QC
      Masonry & Bricklaying Contractors in Québec

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